We are a complete, creative, customized solution organizing weddings, social and corporate events, creating memorable experiences.


As consultants, we provide the best ideas to show the best image to have a unique impact, coordinating everything with a high level of details and making the vital connections that you need as locations, hotels, catering, among others needs to ensure a successful event.


S PR Events operate especially in the cities of Cartagena de Indias and Medellín; and we have the ability to work in other destinations with the client's prior request. We have commercial attention in the cities of Cartagena de Indias and Miami.

S PR Events is especialist in events and weddings destinations, tailor made to your desires.


  About Us  

S PR Events is a Colombian company born by the need to have the best partner to organize all type of events that is focused planning and executing events in all phases, from the design to the time of the event and end.


We have major experience organizing weddings, corporate events, launch of brands and companies, managing private business trips to foreign investors. Our experience in tourism, entertainment and public relations strengthens us to provide a complete service.

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Ganador ZIWA 2020 Wedding Planner
Premio mejor wedding planner Cartagena
The Knot
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ES-MX-CO-badges-zankyou. 2019
Ganador ZIWA 2020 Wedding Planner
Premio mejor wedding planner Cartagena
The Knot
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Why us ?


We provide solutions that are adjusted to our customer’s needs, which can range from point zero to key moments of the event to the overall execution of the event, always giving a high level service, professionalism and creativity.


Other than offering customized attention, our experience, professionalism, good relations with suppliers and the tourism sector, we provide solutions for:

it’s very hard to handle everything from the distance and it’s important to know in whom you are going to trust and have a reliable partner that can do everything in accordance with your wishes.

We know the city, we advise and coordinate locations, hotels, restaurants and everything you need. You want a unique event… we’ll do it how you dreamed your special day and exceeding your expectations!

it’s not simple when you are far from the event’s destination and don’t have much time to organize your event, so you will need someone to set down, adapt and guide you in the construction of your budget according to the requirements for the event. We choose, negotiate and coordinate with suppliers.


Avoid stress, you have to be part of the event!

Find people with experience that can manage unexpected issues.

We come up with the ideas and you make the decision to have control of your event.





You are the owner of the event but you need a leader, a conductor to organize the details and coordinate the suppliers involved in your event.

We lead, plan, organize and accompany you in coordinating your event. You are not alone, we serve your interests, we lead according to your decisions.

So many ideas and few options for what you want, you must dedicate a lot of work to organize; or you live outside the city, you don't have the time and experience for the event you want to do.

We support, advise and organize your event, providing you with the best options for a unique experience, with our Group Experience service.

A day dreamed of, a day expected cannot be organized lightly like any other event. 


You want to make your partner feel special and listen to the longed-for yes!

We help you with our Proposal Planners solutions to make your Marriage Proposal a moment that both of you will remember.

You don't know where to start or how to adjust your expectations to your budget. You want to rely on good advice and guidance in suppliers, places, with innovative ideas, to advise on how to organize your event, and this on the day of the event.

We can be your guide in organizing your event, as your Wedding Planner.

For more information and to see a gallery, click here.

If you, your friends, family or close people want to enjoy their trip in the city of Cartagena de Indias, we suggest this private web link, it is a spectacular guide, a community with direct information so that you can connect directly with the best options, places and experiences of the city. You can access through us at no cost.
For more information and to see a gallery, click here.


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We bring the ideas and search for spectacular locations or ideal places that you are looking for your event.
Select the best options, experience delicious combinations, find the perfect supplier... you don’t have to worried about that, we can find the right one for you!
We propose and support the selection and coordination the best suppliers. It’s refreshing when you can entrust someone who can manage all the different companies and people involved with the production of the event.
It's very nice to start your day counting with a team in charge of the production, assembly and managing the suppliers supervising every detail before a such important event.
It is a peace of mind to execute every step according to plan A memorable experience in a magical event is in every detail.
We organize parties and day trips to Baru Island and to Rosario Islands.
It’s very comforting that you can trust a personal event planner looking in to every detail carefully, advising and organizing your dream event.
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Email: spublicrelationsevents@gmail.com  |    Phone Colombia: 57+ 302 220 3254

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It would be nice if we can know each other better!

​It would be a pleasure to meet you and discuss your coming event.


If you have questions or would like more detailed information please feel free to contact us and we will answer as soon as possible.


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