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Proposal Planner is an expert organizing events, specialized in marriage proposals (engagement) and  formal occasion to ask your fiance hand in marriage, in a unique, creative and memorable way.

We know that nowadays are different and less conventional the ways that we want to propose marriage, but also we know all the stress that comes in order to know how, where and when is the best time to do so. We dream on a fantastic and exceptional proposal that will be remembered forever and will start the first chapter your life story.

For that special moment we recommend a Proposal Planner, that will advise, plan and organize a special and unforgettable day with original ideas to surprise and create that memorable scene that you will not get tired to tell over and over again. Remember that your family and friends will ask you how you proposed or were proposed .

We are here to support you at this crucial moment!


 ¿ Why you will need a Proposal Planner?

Marriage proposal  is a very personal and intimate moment, and to be able to count with a professional help is imperative to organize this important and memorable time of your life. It does not make you lose romanticism, but it will make it even more special. The ring is important, but doing unforgetable it is even more extraordinary.

 It is also important to have a Proporsal Planner in order to:

The time and long distance limitation unables the aviability to visit the city, travel to look for the ideal place and prevent suspicion from your couple.


Your Proposal Planner will save you time and energy to organize and coordinate, proposing ideal places, how and where you would make the big question.



Create, conceptualize, plan and coordinate a marriage proposal is not always easy.

You may have many ideas or are unable to generate ideas, you do not want to be in control of your budget and suppliers, you want this day to be as you expected to be but if something unexpected happen who can help me. There are so many questions and here, the stress is a yes, but it is not the Yes that you are waiting to hear.


Organize a special event and make it unforgettable requires planning every detail. We assist and advise you in making this moment and experience unique.


We have 3 services (click in one of the icons of S PR Events proposal planner services for more info):

If you want to make your marriage proposal yourself, but you don't know what to do or how, you need the advice of a Planner with ideas and personalized help.


1 hour consultation + concept send.

Advice Proposal Marriage

You know what you want to do, but you need someone to organize everything and execute it. You do not have time to find or coordinate sites or suppliers, with the best conditions, and even less to be pending the day of the great proposal. You want a trusted ally to help you make this happen.

We execute you idea

If you want, we can help you with everything from the personalized idea according to your partner and you, and the coordination until the day of the proposal, this is the ideal service for you.

Proposal Planner

¿ Do you want to know tips for an ideal marriage proposal and other news ?



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Contact us and will be a pleasure help you to planning your custom and unforgettable marriage proposal !

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