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Are you looking where to GO & DO in Cartagena?

Here Soraya Oke PR Events give you some suggested places to go and what to do.

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Restaurant Candé
The essence and flavors of a city can be captured through its colors, aromas, magic, places and people; all those numerous sensations associated with a close-knit community. Live dancing and an authentic menu give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local folklore, culture and cuisine.
Reservations ask for: Luz Mary Olier – Rossana Garcia.
| Email: info@restaurantecande.com | Phone: 575+ 3116978835 - 6685291 |Address: Centro, calle estanco del tabaco #35-30.
Don Juan Restaurant
Large basket-woven lamps and tall white shelves make up the welcoming design scheme in this restaurant, passionately led by Juan Felipe Camacho. Its sophisticated cuisine with Mediterranean hints and Colombian ingredients has never intended to be pretentious, but rather honest with great respect for the product. The service is impeccable.
Reservations ask for:Luz Vergara
| Phone: 575+ 6660300 - 57+ 317 5011415 | Address: Centro, calle del Colegio #34-60.
Club de Pesca Restaurant
Founded in 1956, this restaurant is an emblem of Cartagena. It’s actually one of the best spots to stare at unparalleled sunsets. We prepare exquisite
dishes inspired by the tradition of Caribbean cuisine and recipes,which as you know but have yet to taste,comes with unique flavors and a diverse range of seafood.
Reservationsas for:
Phone: 575+ 6517400 - 57+ 321 7279856
| Email: eventos@clubdepesca.com | Address: Manga, Fuerte de San Sebastian de Pastelillo.
TUC TUC Restaurant
If you are looking for a restaurant that offers you new, relaxed and street food style cuisine,Tuc Tuc is ideal! Its ceviches, traditional raspao, the almojabana cake among other dishes of the Colombian kitchen will delight you. A perfect place to share exquisite lunches and dinners.
Reservations ask for:
Phone 575+ 6517050 Ext. 5566 |Email: aybhtcherassi@oxohotel.com
| Address: Hotel Tcherassi, centro, calle del Curato # 38-99.
Restaurant María
Colorful murals, rustic wooden trim and white pineapple chandeliers hanging from the ceiling adorn this restaurant.Casual fare that gives prominence to local ingredients is created in chef Alejandro Ramirez´s adventurous kitchen who seeks simplicity in flavor while at the same time continuously changing the menu to include new inventions.
Reservations ask for:Alejandro Ramirez |
phone: 575+ 660 5380 - 57+3165247046 | Address: Centro, calle del Colegio #34-60.
Restaurante Erre by Ramon Freixa
They invite you to know Erre de Ramon Freixa, the only restaurant in Cartagena by a chef awarded with 2 michelin stars, for his restaurant in Madrid. Directly from Spain and framed in an exclusive environment facing the Caribbean Sea and the cienaga de la virgen, Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine deliver the most exquisite cuisine on the 10th floor of the Torre del Mar Hotel Las Americas. Reservations ask for: Lina Pinzón
| Phone: 57+315 496 8536 | Email:administracion@errederamonfreixa.com
Alquimico (Bar & Rooftop)
Located in the Historical Center in a colonial palace, Alquimico brings an innovative bar concept to Cartagena. Awaken your senses with inventive cocktails, experimental licor infusions and a gastronomic offering that draws on authentic home-cooked recipes.
Reservations ask for: Paola Oviedo
| Phone: 57+318 845 0433 | Email: reservas@alquimico.com | Address: Centro, calle del Colegio # 34-108.
Sinko Bar
SINKO bar is not just a bar, it's a gathering of friends around the
good food, excellent drinks and a perfect musical selection for each
moment of the day, it is a tribute to friendship.
Reservations ask for: Felipe Henao |
Phone: 575+ 660 8622
| Address: Calle de la Cochera del Hobo # 38 - 47.
M Cocina Restaurant
M COCINA welcomes its guests with a fresh menu inspired by the Lebanese gastronomy awakening all their senses.
For reservations ask for:Gerlin Cabana
| Phone: 575+ 655 0154 - 57+ 300 239 5658 |
| Address:Bocagrande, calle 6 # 3-24. |
Promo code: S PR Events
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Ketty Tinoco, recognized as the Lady of Linen, is the pioneer of a fashion within that noble fabric. Her creations are noted for their tropical, romantic, feminine and delicate touch, considering also her work for the male sector with varieties of shirts and the so iconic guayaberas.

Where: Ketty Tinoco Designer
Contact: Marzia Cerro, Sales Manager.
Phone: +57 301 628 7824.
Address: Centro, calle Baloco # 33-01.
Promo code: S PR Events.
You can not leave Colombia without a piece of Colombian leather. Gabi Arenas is a unique and original designer that transforms the leather into authentic pieces.

Where: Gabi Arenas store.
Phone: 575+ 664 2927 - +57 310 665 5412
Address: Centro, Plaza de Bolivar con calle Veléz Danies # 04 -11.
Looking for a saloon?

Where: Diego Moya
Contact: Rosa Gomez.
Phone: 57 5 + 6642181 - 6641883 - 655 1775
Address: Historic center, Calle Gastelbondo # 2-124, loc. 6. Cartagena.
Promo code: S PR Events.
Looking for a Cubavera Store? Need a linen dress for a party?

Where: Cubavera Cartagena
Contact: Cecilia
Phone: 575 + 6640544
Address: Centro, calle Baloco # 2-28
Since 1970, Edgar Gómez Estévez has been responsible for designing tailor made garments which are assembled in our workshop located in the San Diego neighborhood.

They design and elaborate guayaberas in 100% natural Irish thread, which are embroidered by hand with different skeins of silk under the direction of their work team.

Where: EGO Guayaberas
Contact: Vanessa Gómez.
Phone: 57+ 300 212 3101 - 57 5+ 668 6016
Address: Centro, Calle del Portobelo # 10-92.
You want to take a souvenir, a part of Colombia. What better than a Colombian crafts!

Where: Colombia Artesanal, Artesanias de Colombia, The Market Colombia.
Abaza Joyas Imperiales is a company which produce and sell jewels with high standards of quality ICONTEC Made by Hand. Our speciality is produce exclusive jewels and designs. Our satisfaction is make our customer’s dreams come true.

Where: Alfonso Baza
Contacto: Alivette Baza Araque
Phone: +57 301 623 7662 - 575+ 6601813
E-mail: abazajoyas@gmail.com
Address: Centro, calle de la Estrella # 4-45.
Promo code: S PR Events.
At Lucy Jewelry you will find a serene environment for contemplation and negotiation, as no intermediaries are allowed this jewelry can guarantee an excellent price on your purchase.

Lucy Jewelry, offers for over 30 years, the best emeralds of the country to its loyal customers, from all over the world.

Where: Lucy Jewelry
Contact: Lucy Sanchez
Phone: 575+ 664 4255
Address: Centro, calle Santo Domingo # 3-19.
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